Company F, 29th Inf. U.S.C.T.
Members Handbook

Edition 2006

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Co F, 29th Inf U.S.C.T. (Modern Day)
3. History of Original Unit
4. Calendar of events
5. Typical events we attend
6. What is an event like?
7. Tips/Recipes/Event preparation
8. Regulations
9. By Laws
10.  Membership responsibilities
11.  Equipment Suppliers


This handbook will help to acquaint you with how things are done in this unit of re-enactors.
The information contained in this book is designed to help you get started, to answer questions and to provide a base of study for
adding knowledge and understanding of how our unit works in camp, and during re-enactments.
We have always challenged ourselves to get better each year and to, above all things, practice safe procedures,
in handling and firing muzzle loading weapons.
We can not and should not attempt to put it all in this book.
There is so much more to this hobby than contained here but this will give you a jump start.

Welcome aboard
Members of Company F

The Men of Company F, 29th Inf. Reg. U.S.C.T.

The Women of Co. F, 29th Inf. Reg. U.S.C.T.

Company F, 29th Inf. Reg. U.S.C.T. (Modern Day)

Company F was originally founded by Black Federal Employees at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center.
Today our unit has grown to include professional men and women from the Southeastern Wisconsin area and we have members from as
far away as St Paul MN.  We all have a common interest, a love for Civil War re-enactments and an eye for historical detail.
One of our missions is to enlighten and inform the general public of the many heroic contributions people of color from the state of
Wisconsin made during our nation’s Civil War.  We do this by conducting school visitations, participating in parades,
community events, re-enactments, encampments and many other activities.

History of Original Unit

On March 26, 1963, Secretary of War issued an order directing adjutant general Lorenzo Thomas to organize black regiments in
the Mississippi Valley.  On May 22, the War Department established a Bureau of Colored Troops to handle the recruitment, organization
and service of the newly organized black regiments commanded by white officers.  The 29th Infantry Regiment was formed in Quincy IL.
Company F, 29th Infantry Regiment U.S. Colored Troops of the, 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, 9th Corps of the Army of the Potomac was
the Wisconsin Contingent of the 29th.  The men of Company F served with distinction and valor on behalf of Wisconsin, seeing action in the
Battle of the Crater, the Petersburg Campaign, the Bermuda Hundred Campaign, The Richmond Campaign, the Appomattox Campaign
and the Rio Grande Campaign.  A small number of surviving members of Company F returned without fanfare
to live and work the remainder of their lives in Wisconsin.

On February 17, 2005, the Wisconsin State Legislature passed 2005 Senate Resolution 3 honoring the memory of those African
American troops who laid down their lives as substitutes for Wisconsin Residents

Calendar of Events

Every year we participate in a number of parades.
The three notables are the Juneteenth Day Parade held on June 19, the West Allis
Western Days parade which takes place in June and the Milwaukee Veteran’s day parade which takes place in November every year.

Other Events
The company has the opportunity to participate in the “Reclaiming our Heritage Days held on the grounds of the Milwaukee Va.
We also do school visits where we put on historical presentations and give talks to the faculty and student body.
We have also added a trip to Gettysburg Pennsylvania to our list of annual events.  The company has participated in re-enactment’s
in Boscobel, WI, Wade House in Greenbush, WI Hawks Inn in Delafield, WI and Shadows of Blue and Gray in Princeton, Ill.
The company recently decided to add African World Festival in Milwaukee to our list of annual
community events, along with the Juneteenth parade in Madison. WI

 Historical Reenactments

These events are usually weekend events (Friday setup and Sunday exit)
Attending a reenactment involves the combination of portraying, accurately, the “Civil War soldier in uniform, drill and camp.
We will take a wall tent with fly, common tent and shelter halves to the event and often have a cooler camouflaged in camp for food perishables.
This allows us to be fairly comfortable in most cases and still observe the code of conduct for re-enactors.
We eat well in most cases and several of our members are very good cooks.
Reenactments can range in size from a few dozen men to tens of thousands!!!
We will transport all equipment in much unit trailer.

A reenactment is a combination of several things..
1. Battle reenactment (usually once a day for about an hour or two)
2. Historical interpretation of camp
3. Drill (unit or combined with other units)
4. Dance (evening affair where women re-enactors can parade their finery)
5. Sutler – Most of the events will have the presence of vendors who sell the uniforms and equipment we all use.  Warning.
Some of it is junk and you should always grab a knowledgeable person to accompany you if you intend to buy something for authenticity.
6. Other events.  Typically, the event hosts will arrange for other instructional or demonstrations by knowledgeable people on a variety of things.
The tempo of a reenactment often depends totally on the organizers but we can always find things to do when waiting for the next scheduled thing to occur.

Reenactments require a strict military structure and we will always have at least a Corporal or a Sergeant nearby to assist you.
Strict military courtesy is observed with officers saluted and orders followed… Sergeants play the appropriate rolls with Corporals
leading and organizing details and making sure all privates are in line and present for drill, evening parade and formations.

Cooking and Ration preparation
Cooking and preparing rations is an art onto itself. We usually (but not always) use the company mess style of cooking.
This is where the battery goes out and procures the necessary food stuff for an event, packages it, and brings it to the event with
the needed pots and pans. We have a large assortment of cooking gear from camp kettles, Dutch Oven, cast iron fry pans from small to gigantic.
This gear is packaged with our tent age and dropped off at the event with the gun at the camp site.
When an event is a “Company Mess” event, all you, as a participant, need to bring is your plate, cup, utensils and an appetite.
We will all pitch in with the food prep and cleanup but the actual cooking is usually handled by one or two men who do it regularly for us.

When an event is “campaign style”, often we will be eating out of our haversacks and this means each of us must
carry to the event the food we will consume that weekend.
Everyone needs to individually purchase items

Selecting what you will bring is important as it should be:
1. Authentic (food item and packaging)
2. Easily prepared
3. Not needing refrigeration
4. As light as possible

Note: We have access to many original labels for items you can bring.  Always remove modern labels, plastic wrap etc..
Make the item look and feel authentic. Re-wrapping an item in just plain brown paper and tying with a string is very good.
Big Rule is:


Here are some ideas that fit well into almost any reenactment
Keep in mind that the ration of the Civil War soldier in 1863 was Salt Pork, hardtack, salt, sugar, vinegar, beans,
desiccated vegetables and coffee. (Occasionally rice and tea were available)

Large Onion
Freeze dried soup or repackaged dry soup mix
Beef Jerky
Canned Corn Beef (most things canned today were canned in the 1860’s too)
Hard Tack (Easy to make)
Coffee/ tea
Bacon (well cooked and crispy before you arrive)
The above listing can be cooked with little effort.. A fire and some water is all you need to make something to eat.
These things are fairly light and can be used quickly.

 Some ideas:
Get together with someone else who has brought a can of corned beef and an onion too. One of you provide the onion and the
other the corned beef.. chop the onion up fine and divide it, along with the corned beef into 2 large tin cups or muckets. Cook until onion
is tender right in your cups over the fire and you have a hot, nutritious meal. Nice thing is that you both have the makings for another one later.
Add some dry soup mix of your choice for a great taste. This is a keeper, especially on a cold evening.

Oatmeal is always a good item as it is so light and can be used anytime of the day. I prefer the quick cooking type and just put it in a muslin bag.
 Mix in some raisins and along with some coffee and some of that pre-cooked bacon, you have a great meal (not just for breakfast)

Coffee and Hardtack are perfect for the mid day meal if you are on the march or away from your base camp. I always recommend everyone
carry a bit of tinder (a small piece of birch bark works great) so when we stop, fires can be built quickly to warm coffee and toast the hardtack..
Sprinkle a little brown sugar on a piece and toast it over the fire on a split stick… YUMMY

Soup can be made anytime and is always a good choice. I like the kind that has the veggies right in there and all one needs to do is put some
water in your cup and start cooking. Add a crumbles up piece of hardtack for a cracker substitute if you like.

Remember, we are not packing for a month here.. Only 4-5 meals generally. Best to pack light and be a bit hungry than
bring too much and have to lug it around for the whole event..

Unique things:
If it a small town event and we can send out a foraging party we will procure a few fat hens (plucked and cleaned of course) and a
warm apple pie from unsuspecting local farmer… These items can be split up and cooked with spits over a bed of coals.
This is best done in groups of 2 or 3 for each bird.

Bon Appetite !!

Approved Vendor List

This list is not the only source of items available We have found them to be the better of the group and it is up to you to decide which source.

General Uniform/Equipment Items

C & D Jarnagin
PO Box 1860
Corinth,  MS  38835-1860  (601) 287-4977
Jarnigan is a good overall supplier.  Quality is good and price is less than most.
There are more historically accurate suppliers but with strict accuracy comes higher prices.

Fall Creek Suttlery
P.O. Box 92
Whitestown, Indiana   46075     (765) 482-1861
Another good overall supplier. Quality is comparable to Jarnigan. Worth looking at both.

Dirty Billy
7574 Middleburg Road
Detour, MD   21757        410-775-1865
Dirty Billy is a great source as well as Tim Bender for slouch hats of all types.

W. K. Osman
5424 Elliott Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN   612-823-4009
Fine example of the standard US Forage cap Model 1858.. Battery discount available

Woodburn Blankets
235 3rd Ave. South
Franklin, TN  37064
Very good and economical examples of several blankets from early war to late war issues.

If you cannot find everything you need with these suppliers, just ask.. We have other sources.

Company F, 29th Inf. Reg. U.S.C.T.
General Regulations
(Adopted 04-20-2003)

Article I.   Purpose and Function

The purpose of these regulations is to describe the organization and procedures by which Company F 29th Infantry Regiment U.S.C.T, Inc.
will accurately represent a Civil War period military unit, to be known as Company F, 29th Inf. Reg. U.S.C.T (the Company)

Article II, Membership and Participation

2-01. Full members of the Company may participate in all unit activities.

2-02. Guests, upon invitation, may participate in company functions while supervised by full members in accordance with article 7 Sec. 4.

2-03. Participation in company activities shall be in the authorized uniform and equipment as specified in Appendix A. Participation
by members in any other uniform or capacity is subject to the conditions and an “each time” approval of the board of directors.

Article III.  Muster

3-01 Muster is the process of inspection by which active members demonstrate to the company (defined below)
their ability to fully participate in the activities of the company

3-02 Active members shall demonstrate:
a. Ownership of the proper uniform and equipment listed in Appendix A, as approved by the company.
b. Performance of the portion of the infantry drill included in Appendix B.
c. Knowledge of weapon safety procedures with blank ammunition as shown in Appendix C.
d. Ability and willingness to accurately portray a Civil War enlisted man as described in Appendix D.

Article IV.  Organization of the Company

4-01. The Board of Directors of the Corporation, as authorized in Article IV, paragraph 4-05, of the Corporate Bylaws, shall organize
the battery into detachments and allocate non-commissioned officer positions for the company as needed

4.02.  A full strength detachment shall consist of 8 men (1 acting as corporal and 7 privates)

Article V. Company Appointments

5-01.  Non-commissioned officers shall be appointed from the company at large. Non-commissioned appointments shall be authorized by
the Board of Directors at an interval of no less than 1 month prior to any event.

Article VI. Responsibilities and Duties

6-01. The Board of Directors of the corporation, to be known as the “Company Staff” when administering company business, shall:

a. Make policy decisions on goals, functions and activities of the company.

b. Coordinate activities and administer budgets to carry out goals and functions.

c. Establish and supervise standards and requirements of authenticity and safety for appearances and activities of members and detachments.

d. Organize the company and detachments as necessary.

6-02. The Company Staff Duties

a. The President shall see that all Company staff members and detachment NCO’s,  carry out their duties and responsibilities as
described in the general regulations, ensuring that they make and distribute plans for Company activities that carry out the purpose,
function and responsibilities of the Company, and preside over the Company elections and meetings.

b. The Vice President shall maintain a list of active members and potential guests and shall assist the in providing an adequate crew
for the detachment. The Vice President shall also assume the duties of the President in the event the President is indisposed.

c. The Secretary shall keep the company minutes and issue a periodic report.

d. The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the company and requisition funds from the members and guests participating in
the Company events. The Treasurer shall provide a financial statement to any full member upon request.

e. The Quartermaster shall procure the types of ammunition and supplies for company use and shall be responsible
for organizing delivery of such supplies to Company events.

6-03. The non-commissioned officers of each detachment are responsible for:
a. The execution of the plans of the company staff for unit activities.

b. The command of their detachments in the field

c. Maintaining the period accuracy of appearance, drill and deportment of the members of their detachment

d. Shall be responsible for the placement, operation, cleaning and the transport of weapons after the event.

e. Assigning crew positions and duties within the detachment, as well as handling all situations arising from the operation of the camp

f. Report detachment activities and business to the Company secretary for inclusion in the next company circular.

6-04. The members of a detachment (full members and invited guests), in order to participate at an event, must
show prior competency at all positions assigned to them.

Article VII.  Meetings and Events

7-01. The Company shall meet in April for the spring for muster

7-02. Additional meetings may be called by the Company staff.

7-03. Company events are those planned by the company staff. All detachments are expected to attend. The Company staff shall determine
the military organization and command for that event.

7-04. A minimum of 4 full members shall be present at all events unless a majority of board members approve a lesser number.

Article VIII. Company Funds and Properties

8-01. Under Article VI, Corporate Bylaws, all properties and funds received or disbursed by the company or any detachment is
corporate property and the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

8-02. Military property shall be purchased, and issued by the Company staff to detachments or individuals as needed.

Article IX. Changes to these regulations

9-01. Changes to these regulations shall be subject to a majority vote of all full members

Appendix A
Uniform and Equipment Specifications and Requirements
For Full Membership and Participating Guests

General: In order for any item of uniform or equipment to be authorized for use at any official company function, it must be:
1. Supplied by one of the Company approved vendors as listed on the unit supply listing, or made of approved materials and
according to approved pattern as specified on the supply listing.
2. Approved as to authenticity and appropriateness by the Company staff (remembering that our
intention is to portray a typical military infantry unit.)

Required: (For Full Members and Invited Guests)

Forage Cap; M1858 regulation or commercial “McDowell” pattern or period slouch hat.

Sack Coat;  M1858 unlined with pocket according to Company pattern and materials.

Trousers;  M1858 kersey wool, side seam pockets, foot or mounted patterns according to Company pattern and materials.

Shirt; Regulation slit front style, wool or cotton, according to Company pattern, or civilian style and materials subject to approval,
or late war placket front gray wool issue style (preferably blue)

Shoes; Laced brogans of regulation pattern, or period boots subject to approval.

Poncho or gum blanket; of company pattern and approved materials

Canteen; Smooth or bullseye pattern, dark blue cover recommended and tin cup of approved pattern.

Haversack; tarred and of approved pattern

Mess Gear; As needed and of period style

Appendix B
Official Company Drill

General: The official company drill of shall consist of “Infantry Tactics of 1864, U.S. Army Tactics”, as modified
for use of the rifled musketry and taught by the company staff.

Required: to pass spring muster, full members and participating guests shall perform those sections of the official company drill,
exhibiting proper cadence and precision of arm, feet, and implement, for each position within the detachment.

  Appendix C
Firearm Safety

General: Firearms safety is an important consideration in a group, such as ours, which demonstrates before the public and
competes in live firing events. The following items are pertinent to our use of muzzle loading weapons and must be adhered to by everyone.

1. Absolutely no smoking when handling black powder.

2. Do not point a weapon at anyone.

3. Keep hands and face away from the muzzle at all times

4. Fire only when commanded or approved.

5. Any member of a detachment upon seeing an unsafe situation or practice within the detachment or outside the detachment has the
obligation and order to call a cease fire at which time the corporal and the man calling the cease fire will confer. All others will remain at their posts.

6. All blanks to be loaded with FG powder only.

7. Clean the weapons after each event.

8. Pay Attention to everything going on around you!!

Appendix D
Policies in front of the Public

1. Policies of appearance before the public: If you must use an item which was not available before April 1865, do
so in a manner which will not detract from the unit’s appearance.

a. Do not wear wristwatches and sunglasses. Period eye glass frames and pocket watches are recommended, but not required.
If you wear modern glasses, stick them in your haversack when the unit is being photographed.
If you do wear modern underwear, keep your shirt buttoned up so it doesn’t show.

b. Smoke pipes (briar or clay) or cigars and light them with wooden matches. Dispose of
cellophane, tinfoil, and plastic pouches or wrappers beforehand.

c. Drink your beverage from a tin cup, filling it in private and leaving your cans, bottles etc.
in your trunk or a trash receptacle beyond the campsite.

d. Regardless of what you sleep in, have your poncho and blankets in the field or camp. Take your sleeping bag and air mattress
only when going to bed or after dark, and return them to your car first thing after getting up in the morning.

e. Period cooking utensils are tin, sheet metal, and cast iron.. not aluminum, plastic or WW2 G.I.
If bringing your own food, remove plastic cardboard, or modern paper wrappers and can labels before coming to camp.
Make bags of cloth or poncho material to carry your food; wood, horn or metal containers for condiments, matches, etc.

2. Policies of authentic behavior before the public: Remember that enlisted men were punished for every deviance from military regulation and bearing.
As an authentic private you wouldn’t goof off where you could be seen.

a. Use the chain of command up and down. A private goes to his corporal with his
His questions and a sergeant tells his corporals what he wants done. Always inform your corporal if you are going
to leave an area so he will know where you are at all times.

b. Do not salute NCO’s, but address them as “corporal” or “sergeant”. Always salute
Shoulder straps. Who is wearing them is immaterial to authenticity. Stand at attention and answer “yes sir’ or “no sir”. In ranks
or on detail, the ranking man calls all to attention and salutes for all.

c. Form ranks immediately upon the order to “fall in” or the bugle call “assembly”. Fall
In at attention without talking. Answer the role call “here sergeant” as rapidly as you can.

Company F, 29th Inf. Reg. U.S.C.T.

Article I. Purpose and Goal.

The purpose of this corporation shall be to perpetuate the memory of “Company F, 29th Inf. Reg. U.S.C.T.” during the American
Civil War (1861-1865) and its goal shall be to foster interest in and to teach the history of the unit and the nation during the period of time.

Article II. Functions

2-01. The function of this corporation shall be historic, educational, patriotic, social and recreational.

2-02. The corporation shall remain a nonprofit corporation, without capital stock, under chapter 317A, Minnesota Statutes, and
shall not afford pecuniary gain, incidentally or otherwise to its members.

2-03. No part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to its members, directors, officers,
or other private persons, except that the corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered.

2-04. No substantial part of the activities of the corporation shall be carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence
legislation and the corporation shall not participate in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.

2-05. In the event of dissolution, any remaining assets shall be distributed to organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable,
educational or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organizations under
Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

Article III.  Membership

3-01. All persons of good character, upon completion of the corporate membership application, payment of annual dues
(After January 1st , ½ of the annual dues will be accepted for the remainder of the calendar year.) and upon their being 16 years
of age an upon their having read the bylaws and general regulations of the corporation and having attested to their
nterest to abide by them, in writing, shall be admitted as members.
New members, having participated for an initial one year “probationary” period, showing their commitment, concern for safety and enthusiasm,
will be invited to advance to FULL membership and asked to pay a one time, non refundable “equipment fee” of 200.00. This is in
consideration of the fact that the initial group of 8 members, funded the purchase of the gun and limber and that with the payment
of the equipment fee, they enter into FULL membership. Members under the age of 18 will be required to complete the DNR hunter
safety course. Examples of other duties: Guidon carrier, driver, musician, couriers, etc….
In other words, they shall not handle powder.

3-02. There shall be two classes of membership: Probationary and FULL
A probationary member has the right to be informed of corporate activities. He can participate in corporate events under supervision.
He does not have a vote nor can he hold office while in probationary status.
Dues for the first year are the same as a full member.

A full member has the right to vote and to hold office, subject to the requirements of the office, to be informed of and to participate
in all corporate activities, subject to the general regulations, and have the obligation to support the corporation and to pay
dues and assessments as determined by the membership.
3-03. Grounds of suspension (failure to maintain membership in good standing) are failure to observe or violation of the purpose, functions,
goal, bylaws or general regulations of the corporation, or actions which may compromise the existence or reputation of the corporation, or
actions which endanger the welfare of a member or members. A ¾ vote of the board of directors is needed to ratify suspension. If the member
suspended corrects the violation within 90 days, the board of directors may vote to end the suspension by a ¾ vote

3-04. Grounds for expulsion. If a member has been suspended pursuant to Section 3-03 for 90 days and has failed to correct or
address the issues which caused his initial suspension, a vote of  ¾ of all members of the corporation shall be sufficient to expel
said member. The expelled member shall be eligible to rejoin the corporation upon meeting all of the criteria of any other new
member (excepting the 200.00 equipment fee) and upon receiving ¾ vote from the full membership of the
corporation allowing the individual to rejoin the corporation.

Article IV.
The Board of Directors and Officers of the Corporation

4-01. The board shall consist of five Full members

4-02. At the annual meeting of the members of the corporation, five full members shall be elected to serve as the Board of Directors
for the coming year. The term of the directors shall be for a period of one year and all board seats shall be subject to re-election
at each annual meeting. The term of the directors shall take effect on January 1st of the following year. (about 2 months after the election)

4-03. The directors shall select from among themselves, a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and quartermaster for
the corporation. The selection shall be done within 30 days of the election and when necessary to fill vacancies. No director shall
hold more than two offices. The holder of each office shall be announced to the general membership in the next
published newsletter following the election or via letter (e-mail or other)

4-04. There shall be regular annual board meetings within 30 days notice to all full members. A simple majority is required to pass
a motion or resolution (with the exception of the expulsion or reinstatement of a member requiring a ¾ vote – pursuant to 3-03
and 3-04 Battery Bylaws.) The board shall keep their minutes on file.

4-05. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the fulfillment of the purpose and goals, and the execution of the functions
of the corporation. This responsibility shall include, but is not limited to, the following:

a. Establish general regulations for the accurate representation of a Civil War military organization.

b. Provide the members opportunities to experience historic activities and to learn the history
of the unit and nation during the Civil War period.

c. Provide for the participation by the corporation in patriotic, commemorative, ceremonial, historic and
educational activities for the benefit of the public.

d. Provide the members recreational and social activities reflecting the spirit of the Civil War period.

e. Ensure that corporation actions or activities do not conflict with Wisconsin statutes pertaining to nonprofit corporations, or the
Internal Revenue Code pertaining to tax exempt organizations.

Article V. Corporate Meetings

5-01. The board of directors shall call regular meetings of the full members with 14 days prior notice.
The notice shall include the business before the meeting, the time, date and place of the meeting.
Emergency meetings may be called with as much notice as possible.

5-02. The annual meeting shall occur each October/November and shall include the election of directors to the board.
A board meeting and a selection of corporate officers for the year must follow within 30 days with a newsletter printed by
the first of the year, indicating what board members hold what positions. The new board taking over as of January 1

5-03. Should a simple majority of the members petition for a non scheduled board meeting,
the board shall call said meeting pursuant to Section 5-01.

5-04. Annual and non-scheduled corporate meetings must have a quorum to conduct all business under these bylaws.
A quorum shall be a simple majority of the board for a board meeting and 2/3’s of the full members in the case of a
general membership meeting (with the exception of the suspension or expulsion of a member or reinstatement of membership
– requiring a ¾ vote). Each board member has one vote and no proxies shall be permitted.

Article VI. Corporate Funds

6-01. The Board of Directors shall approve an annual budget. A majority vote is required to approve.
The budget shall include anticipated income and expenditures.

6-02. Expenditure of corporate funds must be approved by the Board of Directors.
The treasurer shall disburse funds as authorized by the board.

6-03. The treasurer shall submit a written annual report of receipts and expenditures to be published for full members.

6-04. Special expenditures, over $200.00 not budgeted, must also be approved by 2/3’s of the members present at a meeting.
Expenditures under $200.00 may be approved by the board members present.

6-05. Special assessments shall require the approval of 2/3’s of the board.

6-06. Dues, assessments, donations, fees and other income shall be paid to the treasurer and shall be receipted. Checks shall be payable to
“Company F 29th Infantry Regiment U.S.C.T.”. All corporate funds shall be deposited by the treasurer in a bank (savings or checking account)

6-07.  No member of this corporation has personal liability for any corporate obligations.

6-08.  Loans made to the Company shall be paid back on a schedule of 1/3 of the non dues revenue per year until loans are satisfied.

Article VII. Amendments

7-01. These bylaws shall be amended in the following manner. The board of directors shall propose an amendment to the membership
no less than 30 days prior to a meeting. 2/3’s of the members must vote in favor of the amendment.

Article VIII. Amendments

8-01.  Electronic participation: A conference among directors by any means of communication through which the directors may
simultaneously communicate with each other during the conference, constitutes a board meeting, if the same notice is given of the
conference as would be required for a meeting, and if the number of directors participating in the conference would be sufficient
to constitute a quorum at a meeting. Participation in a meeting by these methods constitutes presence in person at the meeting.
A director may participate in a board meeting not heretofore described in this paragraph by any means of communication through
which the director, other directors so participating, and all directors physically present at the meeting may simultaneously communicate
with each other during the meeting. Participation in a meeting by these methods constitutes presence in person at the meeting.
The provisions of this section shall apply to committees to the same extent as they apply to the board of directors.

   Membership Responsibilities

Each member is in-trusted with the safety of the other members of the group whenever we are at an event.
We are deal with amounts of black powder and a mistake can become deadly.
 We cannot take this obligation lightly.
It is the duty of each member to speak out, if any member of the Company, no matter how small sees any breach of safety.
Safety is our #1 responsibility to each other and to this hobby.

Other responsibilities are:
1. Attend as many events as you can. We don’t expect you to be at every one but please show up and support us if you are a member.
2.  When at an event, you represent the original members of this Company. A group of men who, in many cases, sacrificed
their very lives and health to free our people and preserve this Union. Act accordingly.
3. When at an event, follow orders, salute officers and play the role.
4. Members shall procure and maintain a complete uniform (per regulations) in good serviceable condition.
(See vendor listing in this packet)
5. When making long distance trips, each member is generally responsible for a share of the fuel and lodging. This is split up after the event.
Event Registration and ammunition is covered by the “Company”

Optional activities that members participate in..
We are often asked to provide speakers for 5th Grade classes in the Greater Milwaukee area. If you would like to have a great
thrill, volunteer for one of these classes. There is nothing like it..  We will announce these requests as they come in..
We will sometimes get a couple or 3 of us together to do these. It adds a lot of flavor to the program.